Advocacy Organizations


Community Share 

Community Share is a registered non-profit organization pioneered in 2004, striving to eliminate hunger from our community. The Community Food Share is working in cooperation with many other community members, several local service organizations and churches in the Don Mills area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more information click here. 

Flemingdon Park Ministry

Flemingdon Park Ministry was established in the late 1950’s and is currently known for being one of the most populated multicultural communities. Flemingdon Park deals with major social justice issues, including poverty and food security. They aim to build a compassionate community and to transform the lives of those who are in need. For more information click here

Food Share 

FoodShare is a non-profit community organization who aims for Good Healthy Food for All. Discovered in 1985, FoodShare continues to address the issue of hunger in Toronto communities by taking a long-term approach for hunger and food related issues, particularly by advocating broader public communities to ensure that everyone has access to healthy food. For more information click here

Meal Exchange

As a national youth driven and registered charity, Meal Exchange is known for achieving a secure and well-established food system, by encouraging and educating youngsters to support food systems that are easy to access, healthy and affordable. For more information click here.  

Ontario Association of Food Banks 

The Ontario Association Food Banks (OAFB) is the provincial representative for food banks in Ontario. OAFB is working towards nurturing communities by providing food and resources in order to end hunger. With a network of 120 food banks, OAFB supports over 1,100 hunger relief programs and agencies across the province, with a total of over 375,000 individuals. For more information click here.

Sustain Ontario

As a province-wide, and cross-sectorial alliance, Sustain Ontario aims to continuously promote healthy food and farming. This is achieved by a collaborative approach to research, policy development, action, as well as addressing issues related to healthy food and sustainable agriculture. For more information click here

Toronto Youth Food Policy Council

The Toronto Youth Policy council (TYFPC) is known for being the world’s very first youth-run food policy program, aiming to gather and encourage youngsters to make change by building a well-established food system. YYFPC seeks to become Toronto’s leading Youth voice in viable municipal food policy change.For more information click here