Community Service Groups

Community Service Groups

The acts of targeted violence and hatred that our campus has witnessed are a testament to the discrimination found at York University. To advance true equity on our campus, we must recognize the inequalities endured by marginalized groups within our society and campus. The YFS recognizes the fundamental, institutionalized, and systemic nature of oppression and has created five autonomous Community Service Groups to provide resources and services in the hopes of helping to facilitate the advocacy of marginalized groups on campus. Community Service Groups also organize events and create safe spaces for students.

The community service groups are comprised of the Access Centre, The Aboriginal Students Association at York (ASAY), TBLGAY at York, the York United Black Students' Alliance (YUBSA), and the United South Asians at York (USAY). In order to fully comprehend the scale of these distinct YFS Community Service Groups, it is necessary to understand the individual roles played by each group in our synchronized efforts to eliminate prejudice, hate and discrimination.  

Please refer to the sections below for a breakdown of each Community Service Group.

ASAY is a York Federation of Students (YFS) funded community service group. ASAY's primary mandate is to advocate for the Aboriginal student body of York University. ASAY's mandate includes, but is not limited to: community awareness campaigns, cultural programming, social events and alliance building.

ASAY's membership is open to all and as a member you play a vital role in assisting the association in identifying and addressing the needs of Aboriginal students, and improving Indigenous-settler relations both on and off campus. 

Please join our circle of Unity! 

Aboriginal Students' Association at York (ASAY)
Location: Room 431 Student Centre
Twitter: @AboriginalSAY
Facebook: AboriginalSay




    In 2007/2008 United South Asians at York (USAY) was formed out of the needs of the growing South Asian population at York. USAY aims to serve a variety of purposes, including uniting the various student clubs and organizations at York University and providing a space for organizing within a South Asian context on campus. From signature events to academic and advocacy initiatives, USAY promotes the interests of the South Asian student population here at York University.

The United South Asians at York works hard to enhance, empower and bolster the South Asian community in order to improve social, political, and economic opportunities both at York University, and in the greater community. USAY was appointed to be a YFS community service group in 2012.

United South Asians at York (USAY) Room 449 Student Centre
Twitter: @USAYORK
Facebook: United South Asians at York (USAY)
416 736 2100 ext. 55494







Trans Bisexual Lesbian Gay Asexual at York (TBLGAY) provides services to York University's trans, bisexual, lesbian, asexual and gay communities and their friends. TBLGAY offers support, social, political and educational programming, a safe place, community referrals, and a small resource library. The resource library currently houses approximately five hundred books, articles and magazines and is expanded annually.

The Safe Space is a room in the TBLGAY office where queer students can hang out, make friends or connections in the community and is also available for those that are preparing to come out. TBLGAY addresses diverse issues of homophobia and Transphobia, and work to improve the understanding of queer issues among other groups and campus officials.

Trans, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Asexual at York (TBLGAY) Room 449A Student Centre
Telephone: 416-736-2100 ext 20494
Twitter: @tblgayork
Facebook: TBLGAY







 The York United Black Students' Alliance (YUBSA) was formed in 1996 as an amalgamation of the African Student's Association, the Caribbean Student's Association and the Black Caucus Association. As a Pan-African organization YUBSA's mission is to provide services that will foster the Self-empowerment of  students of African decent academically, financially, and socially on the York University Campus; as a politically motivated association, YUBSA embodies a mandate to fight racial discrimination and systemic racism on the York campus as well as the wider York community.

After the racial hate literature found across several areas of the campus, as well as the YUBSA door itself, YUBSA effectively held several rallies which mobilized the student body in demanding firm and concrete commitments from the York Administration to address racism on campus. As well, YUBSA also actively promotes and organizes the education of youth and community awareness by hosting regular ongoing events which are crucial in the fight against discrimination and oppression. 

York United Black Student Alliance (YUBSA) Room 436 Student Centre
Telephone: 416-736-2100 ext 60272
Twitter: @info_yubsa
Facebook: York United Black Students' Alliance

Although our campus has taken a few steps in the right direction, a look around our vast university reveals a striking number of hindrances to the accessibility of people with disabilities. The Access Centre promotes the rights of students with disabilities on campus and provides a number of services and disability resources for York students, staff, and faculty.

The Access Centre strives to identify and take action around issues of concern for students with disabilities by providing advocacy, social networks, and education. This is done by creating space for the discussion of all types of disability, providing tangible resources for the advancements of persons with disabilities, and acknowledging that living with a disability is a valid social location and political identity.

YFS Access Centre Room 429 Student Centre
Telephone: 416-736-2100 ext. 77612
Facebook: YFS Access Centre