Health and Dental Plan

Welcome to the YFS Health and Dental Plan. We are a proud member of the National Student Health Network, a consortium of the Canadian Federation of Students – Services. 

Since 1990, the York Federation of Students has offered a health plan to our members. This plan ensures that all students have access to affordable health services extending beyond the provincial coverage. All undergraduate students with the exception of Osgoode and Atkinson are automatically enrolled in our health and dental plan.

The plan offers 80% coverage on prescription drugs and birth control; coverage on items such as physiotherapy, massage, chiropractor, and naturopathy; and up to $500 of coverage for dental work. Many of the plan benefits also support health promotion and illness prevention, such as annual dental cleaning and maintenance medication.

On this website you will find:

  • Information about benefits
  • Access to Dental and Vision discounts
  • Claims forms
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where to go for more information
  • Travel Insurance




Contact: Joseph Adubofuor