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Get Involved with Your Students' Union


Are you interested in working with YOUR Students' Union?

YFS provides a variety of services, campaigns and events to ensure that our members enjoy and are satisfied with their university experience. We are always looking for new volunteers to lend a hand. The RedPack program is made up of students whose interest range from outreach and promotions, event planning and execution, and campaign work and advocacy.

The YFS RedPack aim to give undergraduate students the opportunity to get involved in a diverse range of campaigns and events. Without the impressive skills and commitment of our RedPack the execution of bigger and better events and campaigns could not be possible!

Being part of the RedPack will allow you to develop skills and make connections with other student leaders, and engage with the York community in a number of ways. Volunteering at YorkFest provides you with a unique opportunity to interact with over 200 clubs and sponsors, all while being a vital part of the part.

Tasks RedPack volunteers may be assigned during YorkFest 2016:

  • Orientation Kit Prep
  • Event set-up
  • Event monitoring
  • Event floating


  • Welcome letter
  • RedPack T-shirt
  • RedPack Bag
  • Co-curricular hours
  • A letter of reference * complete 20+ hours
  • Volunteer Certificate * complete 20+ hours
  • Appreciation Party
  • Cineplex MovieTicket


How we work together (YorkFest)

RedPack Ambassador:

A RedPack Ambassador is essential to the overall execution of YorkFest. Ambassadors are responsible for assisting and reporting to Team Leads of their group. Ambassadors are vital in implementing the logistics of YorkFest to ensure the week runs smoothly. 

RedPack Team Lead:

The RedPack Team Lead is integral to the success of YorkFest. Team Leads are responsible for their group of ambassadors and being the front line of communication with the YorkFest Coordinators and RedPack Organizers. Team Leads serve as a good resource for guidance to all RedPack Ambassadors. 


The RedPack Logistics Organizer is in charge of scheduling and booking for ambassadors, and assisting the Programming and Campus Life Coordinator and the Club Services Coordinator to ensure all administrative work such as filing, data entry, and over flow work is taken care of in a timely manner. 


The RedPack Recruiting Organizer is in charge of implement recruitment tactics and gaining new ambassadors. The RedPack recruitment organizing will create and distribute questionnaires and be in charge of communicating with new applicants to the program. The RedPack Recruiting Organizer works closely with the Programming and Campus Life Coordinator and the Club Services Coordinator to ensure smooth communication between those looking to become new Ambassadors. 


The RedPack Social Organizer is in charge of the RedPack Facebook group and coordinating and organizing social events for the RedPack. The RedPack Social Organizer works closely with the Programming and Campus Life Coordinator and the Club Services Coordinator to implement programming for Ambassadors and Team Leads throughout the year.