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All full-time undergraduate students at York have access to a lawyer who can advise and assist them with virtually any legal problem, at no cost. The lawyer is on campus once a week and sees students during half-hour appointments in the YFS office.

Our legal services can help you with family and criminal law, debt issues, landlord and tenant conflicts, corporate law, real estate, intellectual property issues, immigration and problems with government agencies.

Legal advice is provided by William Reid, who holds both an MBA as well as a law degree, and has been practicing law and counseling students for over ten years. In addition to the services mentioned above, he is also available to explain legal procedures and documents to students using the services of another lawyer.


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Student Advocacy Services (SAS) is a no-cost, confidential service, providing referral, advocacy and advice in regards to academic petitions, appeals, Senate appeals, academic hearings, while facilitating dispute resolution and mediation in regards to non-academic conflicts. Please contact us at to discuss your situation.


All appointments are scheduled through emailing

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