Mithilen's Blog


July 2015

July was a fairly calm month. But its one of my favourite months, I say this because July is when we get the most time to start working more heavily on our tasks. This month I spent going to meetings with York orientation coordinators, and community groups, to writing anti-police carding motions for the CFS-Ontario general meeting, to working on know your rights workshops and a military divestment policy for the YFS, to a whole lot more. It definitely ranged from all over the spectrum, which definitely makes me even more excited for the school year to begin.

June 2015

I felt more settled in, it feels good being done with the first month. This month we attended the Canadian Federation of Students National General Meeting in Gatineau Quebec, which was pretty cool to see the students' unions from all across Canada.

Its always a surreal experience being in a room with people and students who feel similarly about the various issues that you are fighting for, whether it be anti-racism to tuition fees and community organizing. There was a lot to take back form this meeting, which will benefit the YFS as a whole and the campaigns we are planning for the year.

May 2015

This month was a rollercoaster. It was a bit nerve wracking starting my first month as President. But at the same time it felt good to prepare myself along with my team, for the challenges up ahead. A lot of the first and second week was spent housekeeping and getting used to the tasks related to my position. We also started preparing for our board retreat, which was going to be a great way for the executives and board of directors to learn and grow together. I am looking forward for the year. Last year I served as the Vice-President Equity of the York Federation of Students. I learned a lot of new things in regards to the fight against all forms of oppression on campus and in our communities as a whole. While doing that I also met a lot of new people and allies along the way. In this position you learn along the way, so I am excited to learn new things and meet new people and communities during my term.