New Academic Information for 2016

Withdrawn from Course

Undergraduate students who wish to drop a class between the last day to drop a class and the final day of class may withdraw from the course. The class would remain on the transcript while a “W” would replace the grade decision.

If a student opts to petition for a late withdrawal, a “W” can replace the grade received. In both cases, receiving a “W” on a course will not factor into the student’s GPA or count for a credit value and will not count for an attempt in the course. This option cannot be exercised with internships/co-op placements, exchanges, graduate programs or the JD program.

Starting in September of 2016, most late withdrawals will be granted a “W” (withdrawal) and will be considered based on clear documentation of the following guideline:

  • a hardship that prevented the student from dropping the course or caused the student not to drop the course before the withdrawal deadline
  • transitional issues for the student in their first university session

Starting in September of 2016, courses will only be removed from a student’s transcript in cases that provide the following information in clear documentation:

  • Non-participation in a course: The instructor must confirm that the student did not attend class nor submit any assignments. This option will only be considered if it is the student’s first time petitioning on these grounds.
  • Academic feedback provided before the withdrawal deadline is less than required by Senate Policy.
  • Severe and prolonged hardship: it must be clearly documented that the student could not continue in the course after the withdrawal deadline.


Repeating a passed or failed course

Undergraduate students may retake a class for a total of three attempts for academic degree or certificate credit. The latest grade will be the grade of record and will count towards the GPA. Each attempt will remain on the transcript but will appear as “No Credit Retained,” (NCR), which will not count towards the GPA.  This is not applicable towards graduate degrees, diploma programs, BEd degrees and JD degree programs.