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The YFS RedPack is a year long volunteer program built to train and develop leaders by providing them with direct on campus experience. The YFS RedPack aims to give undergraduate students the opportunity to get involved in adiverse range of campaigns and events.

Without the impressive skills and commitment of our RedPack, the execution of bigger and better events and campaigns could not be possible!

This year, we’ve improved the RedPack program to offer volunteers the opportunity to go far beyond recording volunteer hours. We’re providing students the chance to be directly part of the student movement through the implementation of breakout teams. RedPack volunteers can join teams that are specific to their skills and experience.

Volunteers have the opportunity to join the Events Team, Campaigns and Equity Team, and/or Wellness Team.

Being part of the RedPack will allow you to develop skills and make connections with other student leaders and engage with the York community in a number of ways. With our breakout teams you can volunteer in a more personal way while gaining experience directly within your specific area of interest.



What You Get When You Volunteer With Us!


Perks of Volunteering

  • RedPack Swag Bag
  • Co-curricular Hours
  • Letter of Reference*
  • Volunteer Certificate*
  • chievement Plaque‡
  • Appreciation Socials
  • Cineplex Movie Tickets
  • Exclusive RedPack Raffles with Exciting Prizes

*complete 20+ hours ‡ complete 40+ hours

Other Benefits:

  • Become student leaders on campus.
  • Develop connections through networking opportunities on campus
  • Receive resume-building opportunities.
  • Have a chance to further grow within the student movement
  • Take part in team building

Loyalty Reward System

In addition to RedPack perks, you can earn rewards by collecting points which will make you eligible to enter into a prize draw each semester. Every 20 points gets you one raffle ticket. Each semester there are 3 small prizes and 1 grand prize to be won. There is no limit to how many hours you can volunteer.

How to earn points

  • Volunteer - 1 point/hour
  • Poster - 3 points/hour
  • Refer a friend - 5 points (must volunteer 5+ hours)

RedPack Teams


Events Team

Best Fit: You love the thrill of seeing events come to life

Join the Events Team to volunteer for a lineup of large- and small-scale events to help students unwind, destress, and enjoy themselves on campus.

Major Events this year:

  • YorkFest (Sept 23-Oct 4)
  • Frost Week
  • Multicultural Week

A major part of volunteering within this team, begins with volunteering at YorkFest 2019. This provides you with a unique opportunity to interact with over 300 clubs and sponsors, and gain hands on experience in event delegation and execution of events that cater to, from 20 to 20,000 students.

Example of YorkFest tasks:

  • Orientation Kit Prep
  • Event Set-up
  • Event Monitoring
  • Event Floating
  • Operation of rides and concessions

Campaigns & Equity Team coming soon

Best Fit: You are passionate about a cause + want to help grow a movement

The York Federation of Students has had great victories over the last couple of years. By working together, we’ve won a water bottle free campus, a full fall reading week, free menstrual/ hygiene products in bathrooms, a Second Student Centre, elimination of the enrolment deposit, and so much more.

We recognize that each member brings a different lived experience and perspective, this is why we work hard to ensure our campuses are as equitable as can be. YFS victories impact all of our members and we’re constantly listening to our students so that we’re ready to organize. But, we still have a lot of work to do on our campus.

This is why we need all hands on deck at our rallies and with campaign work.

Help push the movement with our dedicated Campaigns & Equity team.

Wellness Team coming soon

Best Fit: You are an advocate of wellness + an avid researcher OR You enjoy wellness related activities + want to share the love

Join the YFS Wellness Team to work directly within our YFS Wellness Centre and take on initiatives to all around student and community wellness. As a Wellness Centre volunteer you will have two opportunities to lend your talents.

As a Researcher, work within a team where you’re able to gain guidance on researching your favourite service topics that directly improve the wellness of your peers on campus.

As a Facilitator you can help us run Wellness Centre events and initiatives such as our planting workshops, self-care sessions, yoga, self-defense classes, and so much more.


Frequently Asked Questions




Volunteers aren’t required to meet a specific hourly requirement. We understand that school and other extra-curriculars may occupy your time; all that we ask is that you show up for the times and shifts that you signed up for.


This button will take you to the Redpack Sign Up form. Once you have submitted the form you will be added to our mailing list where you will be notified of all upcoming shifts.


Once you have been added to the Volunteer mailing list you will receive the newsletters when shifts are available. Read the newsletter and click the sign-up button. This will take you to an application form for shifts. Select the shifts you are available to work and submit the Form. For all other inquiries email


Co-curricular hours are collected by York University’s volunteer tracking portal called YUConnect. All RedPack Hours can be approved for YUConnect so that RedPack volunteers can also reap the benefits of the program on their Co-curricular Record.