4 Pillars of the YFS



Your membership gives you access to so many free and affordable services!

We provide discounted tickets to enjoy fun events like movies, waterparks, theatre shows, aquariums, theme parks and much more! Also, make sure to check out our discounted sporting game tickets and cost-efficient healthy food options this year!

Being a member of the YFS, you can also access plenty of online discounts.

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York Federation of Students represents students' issues and concerns to government at all levels of governance. YFS, united with the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) has become a strong presence on Parliament Hill and in provincial legislatures across Canada, meeting regularly with federal Members of Parliament, provincial Members of Parliament, other government officials and representatives from all political parties at the federal and provincial levels. YFS also meets regularly with York University administration to fight for your rights on Keele and Glendon campus.

We take our lead from you!

As your student's union, our job is to ensure to develop campaigns that reflect social, economic and political interests of students. We have always been at the forefront of political and social change. YFS is only as strong as its membership so get involved! Active participation is crucial for the success of our campaigns and events.

Whether it is the fight for free & accessible education or bringing transit back on campus, your union has got your back!

We recognize that our campuses are a culmination of different backgrounds, experiences and cultures. We are devoted to fighting inequity, discrimination and marginalization not only on our campuses but in our communities, while addressing deep rooted systemaitc issues that affect your student experience.


The York Federation of Students is committed to giving members the best campus life experience through ongoing large-scale and small-scale events catering to students from all walks of life. All of our events are carefully planned with you in mind to ensure accessibility and a good time! We recognize the daily struggles of being a student, so we want to give you events where you can destress and meet new people.

We host a number of activities and events throughout the year that offer a balance between your academic and social life.

Your university experience shouldn’t be limited to your lecture halls - it extends way beyond that and events are where memories are created!

Through our commitment to bringing you the best campus life experience, we have put together successful events ranging from YorkFest - the largest orientation week in the entire country, to Multicultural Week - the largest celebration of cultural diversity on any university campus.

When it comes to planning events, the YFS is committed to providing accessible, inclusive and affordable, if not free social events to cater to the needs of all students. We are constantly looking forward to rolling out a new array of events and activities that suit your needs and ensure a great time for everyone!



Clubs are at the heart of student life at York University.

It is important to find the balance between your academics and having a social life to truly experience ‘university’; clubs are a great way to partake in the social side of your university experience.

Collectively, clubs represent the variety of interests and ideas on campus through cultural, religious, academic, political, recreational, social and charity-based clubs.

The YFS is proud to offer students the resources to start a club and to keep it going for years to come.

Resources include access to event funding, printing credits, equipment rentals, graphic design services and much more!