creating safe(r) spaces



The YFS is an equity based organization. Through all the fun and inclusive events we host on campus, including our various equity and campaigns initiatives, we do our best to create equitable and safe(r) spaces.

Whether it is through awareness campaigns and outreach, or solidarity initiatives, as YOUR students union we are devoted to fighting inequality, discrimination and marginalization in not only our campus but in our communities.

We also recognize that our membership comes from a variety of different backgrounds and identities, which shape different campus experiences.

As a member, here's how you can get involved:


We live in a society where equality exists on paper but not in reality, this is why there will always be a constant struggle for equity and equitable rights and policies.

The YFS has been committed to the fight for equitable and saf(er) spaces for learning and growing not just on our campus, but in our communities as a whole.

We recognize that there are various groups on campus that are either privileged or disenfranchised on a variety of levels, hence why it is important that we provide the resources necessary in moving forward.


Social revolutions are based on transformative ideas. These liberating ideas force us to confront the injustices of our world like occupation, discrimination, degradation and marginalization.

This generation has seen a rise in atrocities like wars, genocides, mass shootings and a variety of injustices around the world. But this generation is also one that demands freedom and justice.

We hope to introduce students to equity based issues in creative ways, as well as to empower students to see their potential in breaking the cycles of inequity that, in our complicity, we unknowingly perpetuate and become victims to.



Equity Handbook


One of the initiatives behind bringing you a handbook designed exclusively to introducing issues of equity to students is part of the active process of raising awareness, as well as to empower students to see the power we hold as students in breaking the cycles of inequity on our campuses and in our communities.