How To opt out step by step guide


1. Please ensure that this section says “York Federation of Students” as this is the only opt-out form for York Undergraduate students.

Make sure that the format inputted for PROGRAM START DATE is in the EXACT format listed, including dashes eg. “2018-09-01”


2. Please choose the “Health and Dental” option as the plan is a combination of both.


3. Name of the individual who the coverage belongs too. eg. Name of your parent/spouse. *If you have your own personal insurance, your name goes here.

4. This is NOT the name of the employer your parents work for; it is the name of the insurance company the employer is working with.

5. Please ensure that all information submitted is 100% accurate as you only receive ONE opportunity to fill out this form!


6. Please keep the email that you receive, as this is the most important documentation you will need to inquire about your opt-out in the event anything goes wrong.