We Demand…

Eliminate tuition fees... for all
  • Ontario Has one of the highest tuition fees in the country
  • Tuition fees in Ontario has increased over a decade to makeup for government funding shortfalls.
  • The average post-secondary student in Ontario graduates with over $28,800 in debt.

The government MUST increase public funding for public education.

Public funding for public education
  • Ontario has the lowest per-student funding in Canada - roughly 35% less than the national average.
  • Underfunding leads to large class sizes, less access to instructors and professors, high tuition fees and crumbling campus infrastructure.
  • Less than 50% of operating budgets for most institutions come from the government making them publicly assisted not publicly funded.

The government MUST immediately eliminate the harmful Student Choice Initiative.

Protect students’ independent voices
  • As autonomous organizations, students’ unions have the right to advocate for prosperity of student life.
  • Student-led initiatives hold administration and government accountable and are an essential aspect of campus life.
  • Student media serves as an outlet for students to have their voices heard, as well as, a way to report on what matters to the student body as a whole.

The government MUST immediately eliminate the harmful Student Choice Initiative.

The right to organize
  • Students’ unions exist on campuses around the world to provide students with a united voice, create space, advocate for change and operate essential support services.
  • Student union autonomy allows students to have control over what services, events, and campaigns they value most on campus. Students have democratically voted to fund services, events, campaigns, student media and student groups through the collection of dues.

The government MUST protect the existence of students’ unions by passing legislation that recognizes their autonomy at post-secondary institutions.

Grants not loans
  • In 2017, over 234,000 students (40% of the domestic, full-time student population) received non-repayable grants to pursue college or university.
  • Recent government changes have reverted grants to loans, which will result in increased debt for students.
  • Public education should be a right, not a debt sentence.

The government MUST increase funding for grants instead of loans and expand eligibility for non- repayable grants to ALL students.