YorkFest Welcome Week has been a long-standing tradition at York University.

Each year the York Federation of Students aims to bring you the largest event ever held on a Canadian University campus. The Festival Village gives the opportunity for all York students to interact with a variety of student clubs, services and groups on and off campus.

The Festival Village has grown over the years to include over 300 different sponsors and student organizations along our campus walk. A variety of giveaways from both our partners and student organizations are the main feature of the Festival Village. An important aspect of the Village is the opportunity for students to attain information regarding York University as well getting involved in other campus opportunities.

This year will feature many more prospects for partners to get involved with York’s 53,000+ students during our Welcome Week. The York Federation of Students is proud to present you with another successful YorkFest full of events that our 53,000+ students look forward to year after year.