You may submit requests to petition an existing Schulich regulation or decision in the event of rare or unforeseen circumstances. All academic petitions are reviewed by the Student Affairs Committee or Sub-Committee of the Schulich School of Business. For more information please visit this site

You must fill out a Schulich School of Business Undergraduate Academic Petition Form. It is recommended that students schedule an advising appointment before submitting their petition.

Undergraduate students: Schedule an appointment using the online booking system.

Download the Undergraduate Petition Form by logging into your MySchulich Forms Database on the undergraduate student portal.

  1. You may submit requests to petition an existing Schulich regulation or academic decision due to rare or unforeseen circumstances.

  2. It is recommended that students schedule an appointment with an academic advisor before submitting their petition.

  3. Each petition must clearly outline the request and provide proof of the extenuating circumstances (e.g. Attending physician’s statement, Counselling and Development Counselor Statement, etc.).

  4. Petitions are carefully reviewed by the Student Affairs Committee or Sub-Committee shortly after their submission.

  5. Please note that petitions are not automatically granted and may take 3 to 6 weeks to review.

Withdrawal Petitions: If you have been debarred at the end of the academic session for failing to meet the promotion requirements pertaining to your academic program you may submit a petition to the Student Affairs Committee to reinstate you into the program.

  • Complete the BBA/iBBA Required Withdrawal Form and submit it to Student Services & International Relations, W263.

Grade Appeals: A student may appeal to the Schulich Appeals Officer (the Associate Dean – Academic, or in his/her absence, the Director of the student’s degree program) to have a grade changed on the following grounds only:

  • A clerical error has resulted in a miscalculation of the grade.

  • A computational grade awarded did not fairly reflect the student’s academic performance according to the grading system used by the instructor.

Procedures for Appeal are outlined in the Student Handbook. All Grade Appeal inquires should be directed to the Associate Dean, Academic's Office in N230A, SSB or by phone at 416-736-5097. More information

You may apply for leave to appeal the decision of the Schulich Student Affairs Committee to the Executive Committee of the Schulich Faculty Council within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of the registered decision letter.

Appeals of grades or debarment will be permitted only on the following grounds:

  1. NEW EVIDENCE (i.e. evidence relevant to the decision made at the level of the Appeals Officer or at the Schulich Student Affairs Committee level, but through no fault of the applicant, was not presented at that level). Generally speaking, events or academic performance subsequent to the Appeals Officer’s or the Schulich Student Affairs Committee’s decision are not to be construed as new evidence.

  2. Evidence of PROCEDURAL IRREGULARITY in the Appeals Officer’s or the Schulich Student Affairs Committee’s consideration of the case. Procedural irregularities consist of actions taken or not taken by a Faculty or School, its officers, committees, or members with respect to the previous disposition of the case which violate or nullify one or all of the following:

  • Normal and written procedures at the University or the School.

  • Un-written but recognized custom in the School’s or Areas’ handling of the cases substantially similar to that being appealed

Students may, with sufficient academic grounds, request that a final grade in a course be reappraised (which may mean the review of specific pieces of tangible work). Non-academic grounds are not relevant for grade reappraisals; in such cases, students are advised to petition their home Faculty (Schulich Student Affairs Committee). Students are normally expected to first contact the course director to discuss the grade received and to request that their tangible work be reviewed. Tangible work may include written, graphic, digitized, modeled, video recording or audio recording formats, but not oral work.

In the even that students are still not satisfied with the final grade OR the course director is not available to review the work, they may submit, in writing, a formal request for a grade reappraisal to the department or unit in which the course is offered. The Senate approved deadline for submitting grade reappraisals is February 15 for Fall term grades, June 15 for Fall/Winter session and Winter grades, September 30 for Summer session grades, or a minimum of twenty-one (21) calendar days from the release of grades, whichever is later. When a submission deadline occurs on a weekend or holiday, requests will be accepted up until the end of the next available business day.

Current Date

Petitions Committee,
Faculty of ____________ Room # and Building,
York University
4700 Keele Street,
Toronto, ON
M3J 1P3

Dear Members of the (Petition/Appeal) Committee:
I am writing this letter in order to petition for (state the regulation that you are petitioning) in (course name, number, tutorial/lab, term) based on the following grounds (compassion, medical, extenuating circumstances). My petition makes references to the following supporting documents (list them in order):

The circumstances surrounding my petition are (describe your situation in as great detail as possible, outlining everything from beginning to end, using specific dates). Make it overtly obvious as to how the circumstances have affected your academics. Refer to your evidence and use it to strengthen your case. (Note: this information is kept confidential.)

As a result of this situation (summarize your arguments), I would appreciate your approval of my petition.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter,
Your Name Student Number Mailing Address

Current Date

Student Name
Student Number
Home Faculty
Mailing Address
Telephone Number/E-mail Address

If you have missed the application deadline, state why that deadline should be waived and provide supporting documentation. Explain clearly what Faculty Committee decision you are appealing, what you are asking SAC to do for you, and what the grounds are for your appeal (new evidence or procedural irregularity). Provide the new evidence and explain why you were unable to provide it an earlier stage in the process. Or provide evidence of which procedure was not followed correctly. State whether or not you will attend the hearing if leave to appeal is granted, and whether you will bring a representative.

I am appealing the decision of the Faculty of _________ on (date of decision letter) denying my request for (retroactive withdrawal/ deferral of examinations/ waiver of debarment, etc.)
I was unable to meet the 30-day deadline for appealing because (state reasons clearly and provide documentation to establish a case of ‘special circumstance’).

The grounds for my appeal are (new evidence: medical note that I was unable to obtain previously due to ..., or procedural irregularity: the Faculty did not follow the procedure as stated in the undergraduate calendar, pg. 72 etc. ...)
I am attaching a (medical form for .../ death certificate for ... / travel documents showing that ...) I would like SAC to (grant retroactive withdrawal / allow me to repeat AS/ECON XXXX, etc.)If leave to appeal is granted (I will not be able to attend / I would like to attend the hearing.)


(Excerpt from the University Secretariat’s pamphlet on Student Appeals)